Monday, May 16, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer Writer Nails Down School Budget Problems Perfectly

I've been a fan of Monica Yant Kinney's writings for a while now. I'm hoping some day soon they will promote her to be a featured editorial writer. I don't even care if she is liberal like their other writers. But I doubt she will get a well-deserved verbal beat down from Ann Coulter.
What most voters know, says the Oaklyn school board president, is that they are being taxed to death.

And of all the tax bills wreaking havoc with families' finances, school budgets offer voters the only chance to vent at the polls.

"We're the easiest target," he said. "The bull's-eye is on our backs."

Lehman is a retired teacher, but he is hardly spending his time in a relaxing endeavor.

The state and federal government keep mandating that school districts do more for kids, without providing more money to pay for it.

Bingo. Unfunded mandates. We're over-regulated by the government.

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