Thursday, May 05, 2005

Nice NY Times Article On Yuengling

They are going for the plucky business does well in a depresed area angle.

They do hit on a point which is Yuengling's role in the greater beer world.
Yuengling likens the new generation of microbrewers to his own generation of regional brewers. ''We all knew one another,'' he said. ''Those guys were friendly with my father and my grandfather, and they all shared knowledge to some degree. But each one had its own flavor, and that's what was great. That's what these young guys are doing now.'' In principle he applauds the movement, but he acknowledges that he is in an unusual niche between those grassroots brewers and the huge producers. ''I had no choice; it was either expand or sell out.''

Yuengling is not the greatest beer in the world, but it is a very good beer made by a big brewery. Stradling the area between craft beer and BudMillerCoors, it leads people to better beer by being a better alternative to those big boys.

Many are content to stay with Yuengling, but if they do not move on to smaller and better beers there are much worse and less tasty beers to be stuck with.

I, along with many others, owe our love to craft beer to Yuengling. It taught us that beer can actually be enjoyed. It is a big reason why Philadelphia has a great craft beer scene.

And I enjoy the thought of a once-regional brewery giving Bud a run for its money.

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