Wednesday, May 18, 2005

New Star Wars Film Is Awesome

Just came back from an advanced screening of Revenge of the Sith. Great and enjoyable flick. Except for Empire Strikes Back it may be the best of the series.

Yoda is great as normal. Samuel Jackson's Mace Windu showed he is the man. I have two slight critiques. Highlight to read if you don't mind spoilers:

1) One problem is that Anakin's fall into the dark side has to be extremely fast. Maybe a little too fast. But maybe it is appropriate. Darth Vader isn't 100% bad right away. And that may be appropriate because by the time Return of the Jedi comes around he isn't all bad either. He's trapped in a Faustian bargain.

2) After Vader gets his suit/life-support system, he becomes enranged and breaks forth from his operating table. He starts to walk awkwardly. It 100% reminds me of Frankenstein. So much so, I think it may be intentional. It looks weird, b/c it reminds me of that monster movie. And it is weird listening to James Earl Jones' voice speak in ways Anakin spoke previously in the movie.

The last thing that I would point out is that Palpatine spoke in ways which are very, very similar to theological liberals. More on that when I get actual portions of the screenplay.

You're right about the "Frankenstein" thing, Geoff. It's an overt homage. Lucas does that sort of thing left and right in this series.

Ken Abbott
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