Thursday, May 26, 2005

If This Doesn't Violate the 1st Amendment I Don't Know What Does
An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge's unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to "non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals."

The parents practice Wicca, a contemporary pagan religion that emphasizes a balance in nature and reverence for the earth.

Cale J. Bradford, chief judge of the Marion Superior Court, kept the unusual provision in the couple's divorce decree last year over their fierce objections, court records show. The order does not define a mainstream religion.

As you may be able to guess, I'm not pro-Wicca. Far from it. But how the heck can a judge do this? If there isn't much more to this case, I would be really surprised.

Not only how does a judge do this, but why? I mean, are wiccans looting stores and turning All-American boys into pedophiles or something. Good grief.

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