Saturday, May 28, 2005

Freakonomics and Abortion

The current bestseller, Freakonomics, argues that abortions have led to less crime. Those who have chosen abortion are more likely to have at-risk kids, who are more prone to crime.

Now, many pro-lifers bristle at this. Something very bad (abortion) causes something good (less crime). Well, it also causes Social Security to be insolvent. I would say "relax." Let the data speak for itself.

I had a similar reaction by some to my undergraduate honors thesis. I argued that Roe v. Wade was based on poor legal reasoning and that up to that time there was no legal right to abortion?" Look, just because there is no legal right to something doesn't make the thing right/wrong.

People, on both sides, have a hard time making these distinctions and understanding these distinctions when found in an argument.

Totalitarian governments provide the best model for stopping crime. Am I advocating totalitarian governments?

Geoff, you make some good points, but you also need to go back and edit some typos.
Please feel free to delete this comment. You don't need a nag on your blog.
Michael Morrison
Typos are a constant thing on my blog. I live with them.
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