Monday, May 16, 2005

Do I Think Liberals Are Idiots?

For the record, no.

A valued reader sent me a quick note. He made a good point that one of the things he hates in political discourse is when people you disagree with are labeled as idiots, traitors, etc. I would also add having ulterior motives, etc.

For example, I don't think judicial activists are consciously trying to thwart the Constitution, with the exeption of the late Thurgood Marshall (he admitted as much).

Now, I referred to "idiotic liberal commentary" under the George Lucas post. I don't think George Lucas is an idiot. I do feel his comments are baseless, while his comments fall short of idiocy.

I'm overreacting to the same crap that my reader didn't care for. Bush isn't just wrong, he's trying to establish a fascist police state and concocted a war for political purposes. The first thing that pops into my mind is "idiotic."

Now, many on the right, including sometimes myself, were way out of line during the Clinton administration. To give another example, I will admit I thought Clinton attacked Iraq in order to get attention away from his pending impeachment vote.

Hopefully, during the next Democratic administration, we will put that behind us.

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