Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Defensive Analysis of the Phillies

Arranged by Zone Rating, which is the percentage of balls fielded by a player in his typical defensive "zone," as measured by STATS, Inc.

1B Thome .735 (dead freakin' last in the majors)
1B Ryan Howard 1.000
Comments: Not enough games for Howard for that to be meaningful.

2B Utley .806
2B Polanco .923
Neither has enough games to qualify for a ranking, but Polanco's rating is very good. Utley, not so good.

SS Rollins .828 (16th)
Comments: You should know how I feel about Rollins by now. But for the record...solid, not great. Please don't overpay to keep him.

3B Bell .847 (3rd)
Comments: 3rd! I need to figure out how the Range Factor stat also comes into play.

LF Burrell .880 (14th)
Comments: For someone who was moved to the outfield, middle of the pack is very good.

CF Michaels .873
CF Lofton .837
Comments: Not enough games to get a ranking for either of them. But Lofton's numbers would translate to bad. Michael's rating is decent.

RF Abreu .818 (23rd)
Comments: 3rd worst in the majors.

C Lieberthal CERA (Catcher's ERA) is 4.95, which is coming down. Still, 5th worst in majors or the 3rd worst in the NL.

Stats from ESPN.

Update: Citizen's Blog does a similar analysis with a different defensive stat, DER. That is the percentage of balls a player turns into outs. I respect his work very much, and I encourage you to look over his analysis. Esp. the May 10th post about how Thome and Bell may have gone off the cliff offensively due to age.

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