Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bill Conlin Details Charlie Manuel's Managerial Foibles

Didn't read up on the double-switch over the off-season apparently.
• Cholly, Cholly... You've gotta walk Lyle Overbay...

• Botched or non-existent double moves - which by his own admission have been pretty much Greek to him.

• Vicente Padilla leading off a fifth inning against the Marlins that will absolutely be the last one, as a solid curtain of rain moves on the money pit with the Phils down by a run.

• Creative lineups, such as recent ones featuring Muscles Polanco batting No. 3 and Bluto Bell in the No. 5 hole ahead of suddenly overmatched Ryan Howard.

• Sunday's loss in Wrigley Field, wind howling out, ending in the top of the ninth with the club's best baserunner, Bobby Abreu, anchored at third as Howard pokes his fourth right-side grounder to first of the game. Derrek Lee touched first, then pivoted to look home and did a double take when he saw Abreu still loitering at third.

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