Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl, Baby!!!!

For all bad things you have heard about Philadelphia fans, know this. They have taken Jacksonville over, but most importantly they have taken the Super Bowl back as something that belongs to the fans.

I don't have the Patriots nor New England as a region. I firmly believe the Patriots deserve to be the favorites. However, I cannot stand the media. Bill Belichek did not create football. Take away the tuck rule, no dynasty. I've had it.

Lord willing, my next post will be after the Super Bowl.

Sorry about the way things turned out. I'm sooooo sick of New England. I would really have liked to see the Eagles win it just so the world could be free of Boston for a while.
I agree with that last post. Being a Boston/New England fan has become overly romanticized by the press. Chris J.
Thanks for the kind thoughts.
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