Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Last Eagles Post

What do the Eagles need? A strong running back to share the duties with Westbrook. The type of guy who powers ahead and just moves the chains. This will free up the passing game and help McNabb when he is shaky.

We also need Andy Reid to have a more balanced attack on offense and commit to the run.

Not a bad idea about the extra RB. As for run/pass ratio, maybe it could be more even, but regardless of that the Patriots D really the running game down.
If there was more of an emphasis on the run, the Patriots would have to respect it more even if they could still shut it down. That would still help the pass. I honestly believe knowing the Eagles are going to pass, with McNabb's inconsistency and lack of "A" weapons, hurts them in close games.
I also have to give it up for T.O. He made himself a Philadelphian legend on Sunday. That is exactly what us Philly fans like in our players: a toughness, desire to play, and no whining. Compare that to some of the Phillies relievers last year, especially Roberto "Yes I have an ERA over 5, but everyone needs to relax" Hernadez and Rheal Cormier.--Chris J.
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