Thursday, February 24, 2005

LA Times Article On Pilseners
And because the category is dominated by mass-produced, flavorless beers such as Bud and Miller, which call themselves Pilseners, many consumers have yet to discover the pleasures of the real deal.

For those in the East, I would highly recommend Victory's Prima Pils. Outstanding. Very refreshing. I drink it more in the summer. Very good with a British cheddar.

I'm noticing a good trend in articles in major publications towards good beer. The NY Times had an article on farmhouse beers. The San Francisco Chronicle had a tremendous article on pairing beer and cheese. And now this. I hope the trend continues.

Another interesting tidbit from the article:
"So much status in the market is given to imported beer," says Alvarez. But often, he warns, quality is compromised in production and transportation of imports.

Most imported beers are not made using the same recipe as the beer you enjoyed in the mother country. Sometimes the recipes are changed to appeal to American taste; always the beer will be pasteurized, a process that robs a beer of some of its freshness and verve.

"We don't even do Pilseners from Eastern Europe," says Yoon of Father's Office. "We don't import lagers as a general rule because they're not built for the long haul. They don't survive the travel. The only beers we get from overseas are the big-bodied, high alcohol beers with living yeasts, which can survive the trip."

While in Savannah last week I had a chance to speak with a German who travels here quite a bit. When speaking of German or Belgium beers he make it clear that they taste quite different in the states.

Due to a business trip to AZ and a friend that travelled there via suburban(loaded with micros from the west on the trip home) I had a chance to try several western micros.

Fat Tire amber ale, Deschutes Mirror Pond ale, the two ales were ok, while I enjoyed the Fat Tire I must admit I expected more from what I had heard beforehand.

St Bridgid porter, as one who really enjoys porter, this was the weakest I have ever had, McTarnahan Cream porter was ok still not as good the taddy or the Stark porter(alltime favorite). Had several Stone ales brought back which I have yet to try.

So many beers so little time.
I'm curious as to which Belgians your friend found different.
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