Sunday, February 13, 2005

It's OK Not To Win a Championship

Somewhere during my lifetime it became a badge of shame for a player in a team game not to win a championship. I firmly believe this is a load of malarky. Now, it's Karl Malone's turn to hear this bunk.

It isn't OK not to give your best. But if you gave it your all and you performed well, did you have an unfulfilled career because you didn't win a championship? Is it Dan Marino's fault he never had a great running back? If Terrell Davis played for a different team, would Dan Elway still be one of the all-time best?

This sports-obsessed, winning-is-everything culture can get sick. The team's goal is to get a championship. But judging a player on a team, sometimes a 45 person team, on whether or not they got a championship is a pet peeve.

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