Friday, February 18, 2005

Great Article on Beer and Cheese in San Francisco Chronicle

This article is wonderful. It is not the normal "beer is a good alternative, not just for frat-parties" fluff piece. The author, who apparently is the cheese person at the San Francisco Chronicle, knows her stuff. She obviously has done her research and it shows.

Beyond the information conveyed in the article, this article is a landmark for the craft beer movement. The article's central thesis is that beer, in general, is a superior and more natural match for cheese than wine. That is a remarkable statement from a major publication. But considering that it comes from the permier newspaper in the heart of wine country, a paper which has its own wine section, this is nothing short of amazing.

The significance has nothing to do with wine vs. beer. I love wine. If I lived in California, I would drink more wine.

The significance is that this article shows that the reality of what good beer can do with food is dawning on people in gourmet circles. It is long overdue. A lot of this has to do with Garrett Oliver's magnificent work, the Brewmaster's Table.

This is the future of beer, at least craft beer. This is where beer will grow. In 10 years time I expect on going to a nice restaurant and it will serve great, overpriced wine as well as great, overpriced beer.

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