Friday, February 25, 2005

Bush's Budget (and Arnold Too)

I've been hearing for quite some time how Bush is fiscally irresponsible. I've been unhappy with his spending ways as well.

Well, now, Bush has submitted a budget with real cuts. And all sorts of complaining has ensued. You can't cut !

Make up your mind people!

If I were Bush, I would not suggest any cuts. I would simply say this will be the final budget number. No new net taxes. These following programs must be supported fully. I would veto anything that didn't meet that criteria. Then, let Congress fight it out.

The way things work now. Bush submits a proposal for cuts. Everybody looks out for their own pet program or programs. The process is not conducive for cuts. The problem is that the Founding Fathers didn't expect Congress would vote money out of the treasury for purposes other than what they thought government was responsible for.

Which brings us to Gov. Shwarzenegger in California. Nurses and teachers are complaining about cuts. Let me explain one of the most important things about government budgeting. If it was projected that you were going to get a 5% increase and you get a 4% increase, that is considered a cut. This was a very popular tactic against the Republican Congress of 1994.

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