Friday, January 14, 2005

Scalia Kicking Intellectual Butt, Taking Intellectual Names

Justice Scalia debated Justice Breyer regarding using international opinions in Supreme Court decisions (Real Audio video link).

Scalia made incredibly good points. First, when people look at international views, they are looking for views which support their leanings. They don't look at the strict anti-abortions laws all across the world and think "Gee, I should import those laws." They don't want to import Islamic shar'ia law. They want to selectively import from overseas.

This talk also has another excellent point from Scalia. He specifically says that he does not want to write anti-abortion laws. For 200 years, no one thought the Constitution said anything about abortion. Let legislatures express the democratic will of the people by passing laws especially on complex moral issues.

I love Justice Scalia.

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