Thursday, January 27, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer Runs NY Times Farmhouse Ales Articles

I'm reading a new book about Farmhouse Ales. They are probably the most versatile styles of beer in regards to food. These are styles worth getting to know better.

The Dude, Scott Morrison, of McKenzie Brew House in Chadds Ford, PA is prominantly featured in the main article. That's very good, because a brewer could always use more focus on his quality brews. A brewpub does not always mean quality beer. It could be a gimmick to get you in and to buy the food. A focus on quality brew is often a distraction for owners who are concentrating on getting money from customers, the vast majority of whom do not care if the beer is tasty or not. They're Bud drinkers anyway.

I personally do not care for the title of the first article. I like wine. I am secure enough in my love and esteem of beer to not feel the need to mention how beer is better or the equal of wine. But... the Philadelphia Inquirer's audience may need the comparison since they are generally wine people.

Here are the links:
Farmhouse Ales, Equals of Fine Wine

Bold Foods to Pair With the Brews

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