Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Eagles vs. Patriots

Thoughts about the Super Bowl:

Even though I am an Eagles fan, any betting man would give the advantage to the Patriots. They've already won two Superbowls. They shut down Peyton Menning and the Colts. The Steelers barely got by the Jets and their rookie QB was looking like a ... rookie QB who is better than average. Still a rookie QB though.

Given that, the Patriots and Bellichek do not walk on water. They've won two Superbowls by a field goal each. If that goes differently, they are the next Buffalo Bills. Bellichek instead is a coach who failed in Cleveland and doing well in New England, not some super-duper genius.

Mike Martz becomes a great coach instead of an odd-ball head coach who was once a great offensive coordinator.

So in the age of parity, the Eagles definitely have a shot, especially with a very good defense. And a good shot at that. Favorites? Of course not. But no Philadelphia fan would be comfortable with being the favorite going into a championship game or series.

Watching the national media slobber over the Patriots and Billichek is at the same time amusing and nauseating.

Almost as amusing is hearing the people calling the game for TV. Whoever is doing well at a given point in time, they lavish praise over.

Chris Collonsworth hates the Eagles. And if the other team is doing well at a given moment he loves to push the dagger in and twist. I wonder what ever happened to him as a player to make him loathe the Eagles so.

I can't watch Joe Buck without think of Leon.

For some reasons, ex-1990's Cowboys make very good media people. Moose Johnson, Aikman, and Michael Irving are pretty good media personalities and do a good job. Irving with the most flair of course. I would like Joe Buck to ditch Collinsworth and team him with Tony Siragusa.

Agreed. Obviously the Patriots are the deserving favorite in the game. However, the Eagles have a good shot at this game. The main reason is that defense is playing INCREDIBLY well. I am much happier that their defense is more on fire than their offense (and that is coming along nicely without T.O.) Defense is more important right now and will keep them in the game. I do think that the spread at 7 points is too much though. I guess it'll be more motivation for the Eagles then.
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