Monday, January 17, 2005

Coors Actually Produces Good Beer

In a brewery, nestled in Coors Field in Denver, CO, Coors owns a small brewery which actually makes good beer.

Being honest, Coors doesn't make good beer. And it's not because they lack ability. The market for good beer won't make the investors happy.

Those at this small brewery definitely have a chip on their shoulder.
At first, a lot of people thought, 'Oh Coors is doing this brewery and the beer is going to suck, blah blah blah.' But no. For the most part, we don't. It's real gratifying when most people come into town for the GABF and they try the Barmen and are like, 'Oh my god. I can't believe this is a Coors product.' People who know what they're doing and what they're tasting respect Coors. It's usually the novice beer snob who thinks, 'Coors is piss water.' But you know, that's a really tough style of beer to make. Whether I like them or not, I respect them and the American Light Lagers. That's a tough nut to crack. There's no room for error. The analogy we always use with people is, 'Making a beer like Coors Light, or like our helles or our pils, is like wearing a Speedo on the beach. There's nowhere to hide.' If you're flabby or have a little excess body hair, it's not going to look good. Now, if you're making a stout or an IPA, there's roast malts and tons of hops covering up any errors. It's kind of like wearing baggy shorts and a big t-shirt. Or if you make an imperial stout, it's like wearing a sweat suit on the beach.

This quote is true as far as it goes. A good beer usually has enough ingredients in it to cover up flaws. And it takes a lot of talent to make a Coors Light or Bug Light. It probably takes a lot of talent to make Wonder Bread, but that doesn't mean it compares to an artisan-made bread. A wonder of modern engineering, but nothing worth drinking.

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