Friday, December 03, 2004

Yankees May Null and Void Giambi's Contract

Excellent article btw.

As you know, I have followed professional wrestling for quite some time. It went through its own steroid scandal. And I can tell you exactly how this one will end too.

Next season, everyone will show up about as skinny as toothpicks. Batting averages, and home runs, will be way, way down. The game will be clean. Then, a few years later, after people stop worrying about steroids and have moved on to the next "crisis", the physiques, and the long balls, will return.

I quite honestly think the coverage has been unfair to Giambi. Yes, he's guilty as hell, and deserves to have his contract voided. But for all the writers to stick their noses in the air and act like he's guilty of something that most of the other home run/power hitters aren't is just ridiculous.

They'll all be singing a different tune very soon, I suspect.

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