Saturday, December 04, 2004

Who Is At Fault With the Intelligence Bill?

The congressmen have very legitimate concerns with the intelligence bill. People are wringing their hands and lamenting the lack of a bill. They tell us how necessary it is.

So why don't they give in to the congressmen?

Maybe there are things people disagree on. That does not mean that those opposed to some portions of the bill are at fault. If they are at fault, aren't those complaining about them equally at fault?

This gets to the art of spinning I guess.

Oh... the issues? One congressman has concerns about illegal immigration (i.e., controls about who actually gets in our country). The other has concerns about the structure of the intelligence beauracracy.

I've noticed that legislation which is rushed is usually poor. Secondly, I'm concerned that people are following the 9/11 Commission blindly. They didn't have a meeting with God at Sinai.

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