Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Something About the Scott Peterson Jurors Bothers Me Greatly

I think he's guilty. Let's be upfront with that.

But there were too many "a person in such and such situation shouldn't be reacting like that."

I've watched one too many Dateline NBC specials. There are always jurors who wrongly think that if you are innocent you should be reacting differently for the entire nine-month trial. "That mother smiled once, so she must have killed her kid." Maybe. Maybe not.

People react emotionally in ways you cannot possibly understand. Laugh when your nervous. Not cry at funerals. Et cetera.

Don't convict a person based on how they react or do not react emotionally. Convict based on evidence.

And ultimately I think the Scott Peterson jurors did do that.

I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment.

Don't get me wrong either - the guy is guilty as sin. But (and I admit, I was not following every twist and turn on a daily basis) the evidence sounded awfully circumstantial to me.

When I hear things from the jury like "He had no emotion, so he had to be guilty", I worry.

This has nothing to do with Peterson, but Yushenko. I thought no one would see it below. Besides being poisoned (it was indeed confirmed, you're right) but people tried to blow his car up as well. Apparenly the people who tried were promised a lot of money from someone in Moscow.

I don't feel good about a man getting the death penalty with just circumstantial evidence. That doesn't mean there isn't enough to convict though. And I support the death penalty.

And I agree. I am very worried when I hear jurors talk like that.
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