Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Secret to a Merry Christmas: Swivel Straight

Early childhood memories of putting up the Christmas Tree revolve around a lot of profanity. Well no more!

Three years ago my wife and I obtained a Swivel Straight Christmas Tree stand. For a stand, it isn't cheap. But it's worth every penny.

The base of a tree goes into a container with spikes which secure the tree. The container connects to the stands base, securing it. You can then swivel the tree perfectly straight. Sometimes you have to cut off a branch or two so the tree is firmly on the base on the container.

All in all, it takes about 20 minutes. But the amount of stress it releaves is priceless. If this existed when I was younger, I would know a lot less curse words.

I think we can all realate to this. Our old man putting up the tree can cursing up a storm. Nothing says Christmas like that tradition. Like in a "Christmas Story" when ralphie says his father was an artist whose medium was profanity. I can vouch for a good stand as well. My parents don't have a swivel, which sounds great, but they have one with a very wide base which is also important. I can remember many Christmases when the tree would tip over spilling water and needles which resulted in more oaths and swearing.
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