Thursday, December 30, 2004

Ratings of Monday Night Football At All-Time Low

Beyond the old answer of all the hundreds of channels we have now I have a couple of theories.

1) All the parody in the NFL (read "mediocrity") is killing Monday Night Football. When the schedule is made, they have no idea if any of the teams are going to be any good. The Eagles will probably be good. Same with the Patriots. But it is usually a crapshoot, since you can't give teams too many Monday night games. So you wind up with a ton of stinkers.

2) Do you like being married? I do. Three games on Sunday and one on Monday (and some on Thursday). If you're trying to be a good husband, you have to draw the line somewhere.

Geoff- Here's the irony of parity, not "parody" as you typed (not trying to be a jerk about spelling, but it was funny. Maybe all the parity has turned the NFL into a parody of its former self?) The NFL creats parity to become a more competitive league to boost TV ratings. But now there is so MUCH parity that there are about 5 good teams and the rest are crap. Because of this several of the good teams can take a break the last two weeks, causing LESS competive games and WEAKER ratings. Now I am not an enemy of the theory of parity in principle, but it's gone a little too far.
That previous post was by yours truly, CJ, by the way.
My errors are smarter than my post.
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