Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Jonah Goldberg's Excellent Article on How the Party of Order Wins Elections

This article is incredibly hard to sum up. Let me just say that Goldberg has some of the best political insight I have read for quite some time. There is a lot in here to digest for both conservatives and liberals.

Here is the best example which highlights the unsettling but necessary aspect of capitalism:
Indeed, one of the reasons Gingrich was such a useful foil for Clinton is the inherent contradiction within the conservative movement. Conservatives are the chief defenders of a capitalist, free-market system, and the capitalist, free-market system is perhaps the most profoundly unconservative social force in human history. Markets topple established customs, they raze settled communities and erase whole ways of life. Conservatives defend this system not out of greed, but out of principle. Freedom without economic freedom is a farce. And economic security provided by government planners has, historically, been the security of guaranteed impoverishment. But that doesn't negate the fact that as much as I like libertarian economic policies, they can be a real handicap at the polls. Nearly 80 years of bribing the public with entitlements has made the idea of yanking entitlements a politically risky proposition.

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