Sunday, December 19, 2004

Insider Recap of How the Swift Vets Were Really Handled by the Media

I think a few things are clear. These people really didn't like Kerry and it doesn't seem like a huge master-plot by Karl Rove.

I believe Kerry didn't respond right away because the Mainstream Media (MSM) was pretty much in his pocket. They weren't going to report on it. So there was no reason for him to make it an issue.

What the MSM did not expect was that alternative media (talk radio and blogs) would wip this up into a frenzy. So not only did they do an awful job, their credibility took a hit.

The people who really deserve the blame are the Democratic candidates who refused to go after Kerry's anti-war record. The primaries were essentially over too early to make the Swift Vets an issue (April). But Edwards could have at least brought up his anti-war record. But he appeared more interested in running for Vice-President.

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