Saturday, November 20, 2004

What Beer Should You Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner?

Given the diversity of beer, there may well be many correct answers.

However, we must turn to our beer and food guru, the man from Brooklyn, Garrett Oliver. He suggests a French beer style, Biere de Garde. According to Mr. Oliver, this style matches the traditional Thanksgiving dinner perfectly.

If, like some of my friends, you don't like the idea of pumping money into France, I have only two suggestions for you. Heavyweight, which is available in the Mid-Atlantic region, makes Biere D'Art. This style appears more in the spring, if memory serves, so non-French versions are hard to come by.

If you are west of the Mississippi, you should try finding a bottle of New Beligium's Biere De Mars. That is definitely a spring seasonal, so you will have to look hard or know someone.

Does Canal's carry this? CJ
I don't know of any biere de gardes carried by them. Voorhees discount may have them instead.

Calling ahead may be in order.

The Foodery on 10 & Pine in Philly should have it.

That link is to all biere de gardes listed on beeradvocate.
About a year ago I moved to Issaquah, WA and ran accross a micro-brewed beer and ale by the nae of Rogue. I've been drinking beer for many years and the Rogue "Dead Guy Ale" is one of the best and most potent brews I've ever run accross.
Rogue is an excellent brewery, which makes many fine brews. But they don't make a Biere de Garde.
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