Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Some Elections Thoughts

I'm weary of politics and elections right now. The 2002 mid-term elections seem like a second ago. The presidential campaign, at least for the Dems, started soon after. And that is entirely too long.

This blog is devoted to what interests me. Many times that involves whatever is in the news, which involves a lot of politics. Since I'm feeling burntout on politics, I'm going to focus more on other things. At least I hope to.

But before that, here are my general thoughts:

The exit polls were hillariously out-of-whack. They oversampled women and urban areas.

I would suspect most of Kerry's support was anti-Bush instead of pro-Kerry. Given that, I think the realization that Kerry was an anti-war activist was what killed him. A lot of Vietnam Vets figured out "oh, that's the guy who testified before Congress." Kerry is example number one for why you shouldn't have a front-loaded primary season. This will bite the Republicans on the butt someday too. Why oh why didn't Edwards actually try to go after Kerry?

The blogs did a tremendous job of debunking mainstream news stories which would have been damaging to Bush. They also gave the Swift Vets publicity before they had money. This election marks the decline of the mainstream media.

I'm very proud of Bush, but he needs to get control of spending.

I'm feeling more relieved than happy.

Let's remember that just because we have substantial disagreements that doesn't mean the other side is intentionally evil. I support tax cuts for moral and macroeconomic reasons. Liberals support gay marriages because they think it is morally right.

Don't get angry when someone disagrees with you. Listen more, speak less. That is advice I need to follow a lot more.

Beer is better than wine and that's just a fact. Ok, that has nothing to do with the post. But it's a good way to end it.

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