Thursday, November 04, 2004

So Terrorism and the War Didn't Matter?

Based on some exit polling (that same reliable exit polling which predicted a Kerry landslide) the media is saying that gay marriage and other moral issues tipped the scales in favor of Bush.

That may be true. But don't doubt for a second that Bush had wide support in his voters for Iraq and the war on terror.

A lot of Democrats voted conservatively on the gay marriage issue. And then voted for Kerry. I would suspect Bush got a lot of votes from Democrats like Ed Koch. Liberals who voted based solely on Iraq and War on Terror.

Some Republicans probably voted for Kerry on the basis of stem-cell research (which isn't banned btw, just no government funding for new baby-tissue).

Also, the exit polling simply had "morals" as an option. That can mean a lot of things. A more scientific telephone-based poll would be welcomed.

I'm not crazy about Bush, but the biggest plus for me about Bush's victory is that all of Michael Moore's efforts have been in vain. ALthough he's a lock to win the Oscar for Best Actor. Can't wait to hear that speech...whatever. CJ
You don't think Mel Gibson will win? We're talking Hollywood here. There was an article about this very topic. Something to the effect of that if Bush won, Moore would win; a Kerry victory would result in a win for Gibson.
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