Saturday, November 27, 2004

10 Year Reunion

Well, my 10-year high school reunion was last night. It went well. We only had 90-100 people who graduated, so it wasn't a huge affair.

I can only sum the night up with one word. Surreal.

Our foreign exchange student friend, Tommy, was there. Everybody was nice and glad to see me. I realized that those of us who went to the same elementary school have a special bond for some odd reason. One girl was asking how my mom was doing. She probably hasn't seen my mom in 15 years.

It was surreal. I saw a classmate's kid sister. She's 24 years old and drinking beer and the only thing I can think of is "she shouldn't be drinking a beer; she's too young."

Many of us, including myself, are fatter. Our old photos look like we are cancer patients. Some look better. Some are very similar.

There were some people who I remembered who looked like nothing in my memory. Please wear a name tag.

One person without a nametag kept asking me to give messages to other high school friends. And I couldn't remember who she was!

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