Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trolling for Votes In Prison?

The channel in question is channel 3 in Philly, which is a CBS affiliate.

I'm listening to WPHT, 1210AM. Dom Giordano is interviewing PA Congressman Curt Weldon (from Pennsylvania's Delaware County). Weldon caught four women who visited a prison and they were filmed running from the prison with absentee ballots from the prisoners. It was filmed by a Philly TV station (not sure which one). Weldon caught these women red-handed, allegedly college girls, who should not have been inside and involved in this absentee ballot process. The women somehow went inside to "assist" the prisoners in filling out the ballots. These four women were untrained, they didn't know who was a felon and who was not. There was no one supervising what they were doing. The warden was filmed denying it happened and then he was shown a ballot and he put his hand to his mouth and told his prison staffer to "be quiet and not say anything". Curt Weldon and State Represetative Steve Barrar were eye witnesses to the fraud and there was a television station there. Weldon has taken legal action to [ensure] that ALL the absentee ballots from prisons be verified. But he did say that it's probably too late because most of the ballots have probably already arrived at the polling place of the criminal's hometown. This is a result of Gov Rendell's 9-page memo to all the wardens to make sure the jailed criminals get absentee ballots filled out.

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