Sunday, October 17, 2004

Please, No More Tony Siragusa

I've never met Tony Siragusa. He may be a fine man. I wouldn't mind having a pint with him. But I'm also an Eagles fan. And he has been the field reporter on almost every Sunday game.

I can't take it any more. His jokes aren't that funny. His pieces (looking at the cool cars of players for 20 seconds) don't do anything for me. He doesn't add all that much. Granted, Fox is trying something different out, but the field reporter will generally give you very little.

All I want is reports on injuries. Maybe the 15 seconds of "what I talked to the coach about at halftime". Well gee, sideline reporter we need to stop stinking and win the game.

I remember him during the Ravens Superbowl run. What I remember about his is that I was surprised to listen to a football player who was more annoying than Dion Sanders.

Every. Freaking. Week.
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