Monday, October 04, 2004

Phillies Thoughts

The disaster which was the 2004 Phillies was their most disappointing season since 1964. Was it the manager's fault? The general manager? The players? Injuries? Bad luck?

If the history of disasters has shown us anything it is the fact disasters usually involved multiple failures. Not only does the engine fail. The seat belts fail. The breaks fail, etc.

That was the 2004 Phillies. So much blame to go around that no one ends up looking totally bad.

I am tired of hearing from Larry Bowa apologists that he did not deserve to be fired.

If a division in a company underperforms, the manager is fired. Now, it may be his fault, it may not be. But somebody's head has to roll for the failure.

There is some validity in the "Ed Wade sucks" argument. But to not fire Bowa would have been a ridiculous decision.

Unfortunately, the list of great managers out there waiting to be hired is quite short.

Agreed. Bowa needed to go. At the very least, we'll see if it is a problem with the players or the manager.
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