Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Moon and the Anthropic Principle

There was a very good special last night on Discovery's Science channel about how life would be next to near impossible without the moon.

The scientist mentioned how it was fortuitous that the object which hit Earth to produce the moon came hit at the right speed, at the right angle, with the right mass. (I believe that was what she was referring to.) It's more than luck my friend. I'll argue it was design.

As Hugh Ross has argued the laws of physics are so fine-tuned to allow life, it is utterly amazing. So much so, that some have postulated multiple universes rather than to accept what is plain. The universe was designed. But that's the human heart...and I digress.

Without the moon, the Earth wouldn't have a stable rotation around its axis. Therefore, its climate would be erratic. I know plate techtonics need oceans, so I wonder if that would be possible as well (also needed for life). And of course, don't forget the tides.

A very good special.

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