Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Got to Talk to the Green Party Candidate Today

So I called the local NPR station as I was driving home from work early, because I wasn't feeling well.

I got to ask the Green candidate (who we'll call Mr. Not Nader) why he supports the U.N. given the fact it is a vast pit of corruption. I also said that I can't support him or other socialists because they fundamentally misunderstand human nature. I stepped over the line when I said he probably supports the U.N., despite their corruption, because there are many socialists in there like him. I hereby apologize for the comment publicly. He means well, even if his views about relying on the U.N. is very naive.

But as I was feeling bad about my comment, the Green Party candidate decided to say that the Iraq War was all about oil. Ahh yes.

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