Thursday, September 02, 2004

Sad, Sad Democrats

A very big Kerry backer will be saying that he helped Bush get into the National Guard.

Some points:

1) It doesn't seem W. himself asked for his help. 2) Unlike Kerry, he never made his service an issue. 3) Unlike Kerry, he didn't impugn the actions of people in Vietnam, rightly or wrongly. 4) Unlike Kerry, he didn't meet with the VC in Paris. 5) There doesn't seem to be any way of verifying this.

I would also note that this guy is a major Kerry backer. It's one thing for him to fund something like this to get the message out. It is quite another to say this himself. His motives are very questionable.

But lastly, this is very silly. Kerry is taking a Swift Boat beating so this seems like tit for tat. Not very impressive.

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