Thursday, September 09, 2004

NJ Breweries In the News

Flying Fish, Ramstein, and Heavyweight mentioned. All good breweries.

Hey Geoff,

I will have to check to see if any of these have made it to Atlanta yet.

I recently had a chance to have a Victory brew(friend from church brought some back for us to try)which we enjoyed tremendously. I must admit that at the moment my favorite is the Corsendonk Brown Ale(Belgium). It has a nice color to it,a good head and is not overpowering by any means...strongly reccomend if you haven't already tried.

I also have a La Binchoise "Reserve" waiting to be sampled, I have heard nothing but positive reviews on this one. Whole new world since the beer laws changed down here, one local distributor has 200+ beers amazing store. Our local favorite is the "Red Brick" from the Atlanta Brewing Company. Keep up the good work, we have enjoyed your beer reviews and articles.

You will not find them in GA. Their distribution is limited.

I'm glad God is richly blessing you with higher alcohol beer (their laws were very restrictive before).
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