Tuesday, September 07, 2004

John Kerry Is Making This Too Easy

In many spots over the weekend, the person introducing Kerry disparaged Bush and Cheney's Vietnam era service or lack therof. I guess his not saying anything was a tacit endorcement. Given the fact that Kerry's picture hangs in a Saigon museum commorating the anti-war protestors which enabled the North to defeat the South, I would again caution Kerry to lay off of this. But if he wants to go down this road, he is more than welcome. I wonder who Vietnam vets are going to dislike more? Someone who was in the National Guard to avoid service or someone who accussed the military of widespread war crimes?

But it gets better folks. Look at the gun Kerry accepted at a campaign stop.

What's the best part about this? Kerry has a long track record of not having a lot of legislative accomplishments. But what was one of the bills he backed? A bill which would have banned the gun he accepted. It gets even better. The same bill would have banned receiving the gun as a gift as well.

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