Monday, September 06, 2004

The End of Summer Is Inherently Depressing

I don't go to school anymore, but it is still hardwired into my brain that school is starting...and I don't like it. Vegetables get less fresh. Tomatoes (hey I'm from New Jersey) become plastic. Less daylight.

When I was returning to college, I looked forward to seeing friends again. But that was an aberration.

Now that I'm not in college anymore and I'm working (grad school didn't count because it is inherently not fun) it still stinks for the reasons listed above. You're even reminded that you have to work.

Now for my friends who are teachers it must still really stink. I go on a two week vacation and the first couple of days back I'm constantly thinking "how can I quit and do nothing for the rest of my life?" If I had two and a half months off I may freak.

Surprisingly, I'm always amazed by how I get used to the lack of daylight in the winter. When the sun is going down at 8:30 you think 4:30 will be unbearable. But, for some reason, it isn't.

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