Thursday, September 16, 2004

Does the CBS Reaction Remind You of Anything?

CBS, ignoring the refutation of their main witness by his own daughter and the comments of Killian's son and widow, are latching onto Killian's secretary, who says that the memos have accurate info even if they are frauds.

In my sociology class I had to read I, Rigoberta Mechu, which was thoroughly debunked. When, after graduating, I brought this to the attention of my former leftist professor when I was him in a liquor store, he wasn't too concerned. You see, the things contained in the book were true and that's the main point.

Funny you should notice this. I just posted on something very similar at my blog.

It seems like the CBS fiasco (and the campaign in general) has flushed out a viewpoint among journalists and elites which goes something like this: there's some sort of "deeper truth" we can get to through false facts and fraudulent documents. Even though the facts are all false, they point us to the real spirit of the truth better than facts do.

Thus, Dan Rather's idiotic "Let's not concentrate on the fact that the documents are fake, let's concentrate on what those fake documents SAY!" defense.

Which ought to be pretty troubling to just about any rational person.
Although, Rather is still ignoring the countering comments of Barnes' daughter against Barnes and Killian's son (also an officer) against the secretary. But yes the "Noble Lie" is alive and well.
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