Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Cheney's Comment

Cheney said that electing Kerry would, and I don't have the exact phrasing in front of me, make the liklihood of a terrorist attack on America more likely.

This was a wrong and stupid thing to say. Now, in context, it was less stupid, but still the wrong thing to say.

Given Edwards' support for letting Iran have nuclear reactors, I do agree we would be less safe with Kerry. And the Kerry people honestly believe we would be less safe with Bush. So, on a certain level, comments like these make sense. But saying if you vote for X we will be attacked isn't the right thing to say. You don't know that.

But, as I just hear the audio, it is not really what Cheney said. At least I don't think so. Nothing worse than saying Bush is a gift to Al Queda, which I've hear before, and doesn't bother me.

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