Friday, June 25, 2004

Website Rates Cheesesteaks

This site is not limited to the Philly area.

You must remember these things: 1) The roll has to be right. An Italian-style hoagie roll. Many go wrong here. The roll is actually key. 2) It has to be the right cut of meat. There is a particular style of meat which many establishments outside of Philly omit. 3) The only acceptible cheeses are provolone, American, and Chesse Wiz. Frankly, I don't go for the Wiz. Most people I know don't either. But it is the original and therefore is deemed acceptable. American or provolone, in truth, is the way to go. 4) Grilled/fried onions are the most common topping. 5) When you are in some Denny's in East Wherever, AZ, beyond morning the fact you have no good diners, realize Swiss cheese is completely inappropriate for a topping. Peppers and mushrooms? Acceptable topping, but not standard.

How do I like my cheesesteak? Onions and ketchup. I usually get a chicken cheesesteak also.

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