Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Far Be It From Me to Defend the Roman Catholic Church

but people equating abortion and the death penalty has gone on long enough. Yes, the current hierarchy doesn't like the death penalty. It is not official dogma.

Abortion has been considered a sin since anyone can remember. Read the Didache (a very early extra-biblical writing) if you don't believe me.

The death penalty was commanded by God in Genesis for capital offenses. When Mosaic law was instituted, it was extended to other offenses. While I believe the Roman Catholic Church has made incorrect theological positions, they generally don't make stuff up out of thin air. There are extra-biblical traditions and strains in church tradition which they have developed, and which I believe goes against biblical teaching and shouldn't be binding on believers.

But for them to believe the death penalty is inherently immoral is for them to believe God is immoral. They aren't going to do that. The Roman Catholic Church may be a compromised church, but they aren't completely wacky.

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