Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Did CBS stop and think?

I seriously wonder if CBS News stopped and thought about the consequences of their actions when they released those Iraqi abuse pictures. Obviously, the people to blaim are the soldiers who did those acts. And I'm no fan of the "Arab street." Either due to lack of freedom or whatever, the Arab street often seems downright insane. They were obviously going to be upset at this, as we all should be.

People could die because of CBS' decision. Do they absolutely know the pictures are genuine? No. They should have allowed the U.S. and Great Britain to investigate first. If they were dragging their collective feet or burying the story, then release the photos or at least mention the story.

Generally, the media has no sense of duty or right and wrong. I just hope CBS actually thought about this. I hope their decision wasn't based on their general hatred of this war. Which leads me to another thought...

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