Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Brown vs. Board of Education, Part II

I present the following articles:
Brown vs. Board of Education Laid the Groundwork for Judicial Activism
Too Many People Are Trying to Grab Brown's Coattails

I am not willing to say that Brown vs. Board of Education was a wrong decision, but these articles do raise interesting points.

Sometimes the right outcome is pursued by the wrong means. The Confederacy was immoral in regards to slavery. But they may have been right that states could leave the Union. The South was wrong in segregation and racism, but they may have been right that the federal government had gone too far with trampeling states rights. Then, when legitimate people raise states rights argumentation (like Reagan), it is associated with those who used it for racist ends. The distinction I have raised is lost on many.

Yes, a scoundral can be correct. Except for what they are defending.

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