Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Al Queda Is All Sorts of Messed Up

When studying the holocaust, my friend, Barbara Ann, wrote a paper on Adolf Hitler's psychology. "Geoff, he was f***ed up." "Tell me something I don't know Barbara Ann." "No Geoff, you don't understand. He was f***ed up."

And you know what? That's how I feel about Al Queda. I heard the audio from the cold-blooded murder of Nicholas Berg. They killed him with a dull knife. I've visited Aushwitz, ok? I have a strong stomach for these things. I wasn't revolted so much as incredibly saddened.

And then it hit me. Islam is not true. And you know how we can tell? Jesus. They claim Jesus as a prophet but don't listen to a word he says.

Look, I'm not just talking about the radical types; I'm also talking about the Muslim peaceniks.

The New Testament is generally reliable (despite what later Muslims may say). Jesus promoted a path of peace. Jesus said he was the only way to heaven. Jesus mentioned he was going to die (which Islam denies). Jesus claimed He was God.

If Islam were to say Jesus was a liar, they may have had a more tenable story. But claiming Jesus as a prophet doesn't fly with the facts. Even if I believe the New Testament has been horribly corrupted (which it hasn't), there is enough historical evidence and early Christian writings to dismiss Islam out of hand.

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