Saturday, April 17, 2004

Chris Matthews didn't look too good tonight on his show. In the middle of interviewing Rep. Toomey regarding his conservative challenge to Sen. Specter, Matthews goes off regarding abortion, barely concealing his pro-choice sympathies. Here was what Toomey was trying to say:

Roe v. Wade was a bad legal decision and should be overturned.

Matthews wanted to force him to say we would then execute women who get abortions. I exaggerate, but you understand my point.

In today's society, it is next-to-near impossible to argue the nuances of jurisprudence. Once Roe v. Wade get overturned, that will open up a whole slew of legal battles. That will be good for democracy. Legislatures will legislate instead of judges. Guess what? There will be a lot of pro-choice victories.

I'm less upset at Matthews because I'm pro-life than because I did a thesis on jurisprudence as an undergrad. It was sad to see Chris Matthews badgering Toomey into giving short answers to very complicated legal matters the public is largely unaware of.

Then, Matthews completely (with a priest) misunderstood Roman Catholic teachings on being pro-choice, pro-death penalty, etc. But I'll leave that to my Roman Catholic friends to explain those misunderstandings.

Oy vey...

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